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Fool Me Once, I’ll Kick YO Butt

Yesterday, I went to a meeting regarding a business opportunity. I was pretty much dragged to it by politeness–my aunt had asked me to attend. Yeah,yeah, I sort of don’t like the relatives…a pack of hyenas are probably more loyal than my family. And more dysfunctional than my beloved Simpsons. But..said aunt was being friendly, and I didn’t have anything better to do…so…

I thought, Why not? It might be an actual business opportunity or, at the very worst, blog fodder. I guess you know how it turned up since I’m blogging about it. Although, I will not *publicly* name the company.

There was a creepy vibe to the whole meeting. The moderators of the live infomercial were trying too hard to “care” about us, they were trying too hard to convince that this was a good system to earn a little bit of money with the modest investment of $500. Really? Hmmm. Plus, they were trying to get us to buy their wares. It felt a little like a cult. A cult that worships ‘money’ making potential, a business venture worth buying.

Uh huh. I wasn’t buying.

My survival instincts were raised by their friendliness–I know that sounds paranoid, but they didn’t know me that well to be so warm and welcoming Unless, of course, they wanted to sell me something. I hate being sold on a product. I prefer to make up my own mind.

The fact that they wanted us to sign up and plunk down five hundred big ones then and there was another red flag to me and I politely declined. I hope no one, other than my aunt who bought into the system before I could say anything, spent their money foolishly. Sorry, it ain’t so easy to fool me anymore.


Try To Strive

I want to know how a healthy relationship works.

I know it starts off with two, more or less, healthy people. Add two cups of hard work, a dash of committment, and a smidge of good luck. I feel as if I have a handle on it in theory, but not quite in the real world.

But what really makes a relationship stand the test of time?

And how do you fight boredom? And entropy? And ennui?

What makes someone decide that their partner is worth fighting for?

(Sorry for the shortness of my posts lately, but this is all I have energy for!)

Tuesday is the new Thorsday


If you expect people to keep believing that you want to change, you have to make an effort to change. Just don’t sit on your butt and think that it will fall into your lap.

Quit hiding from reality.

Quit hiding from responsibilities.

Realize that YOUR (in)actions affect everyone you live with.


Words of advise for anyone in a sticky situation. Quit hiding from life and live…truly live!

Back To The Blog!

I hope the new theme allows everyone to read the comments. I aim to please, most of the time, and I hate when I miss.


I’m pretty stressed. Bills are barely getting paid, some (not mine) are being neglected, making things harder for me. I think I will never EVER have a roommate again. Roomies equal bad news. They are unreliable. Not ever. Unless, of course, I am married to aforementioned hypothetical roomie.

Me? Married? What a thought.

Stress is a major killer of all creativity. Stress raises blood sugar and makes me sick. Plus, I’ve been having pains in my chest area. I’ll be ok. Probably just related to stress. (Hope so, because I can’t afford to be in the hospital. It’s a sad thought to realize that it’d be cheaper just to die than to live.)

Eulogy for Mel Gibson’s Career

I used to like Mel and his acting–used to think he was a good actor and all around good guy. I loved Mad Max. I loved the Thunderdome. Braveheart was a good movie. And who doesn’t appreciate the Lethal Weapon movies?

I put him into my dislike pile of celebrities when he got pulled over and made an anti-Semitic remark. Those kind of things don’t sit well with me. Sorry, unreasonable hatred …that I can and will not tolerate. Especially over little things…like race..that are unchangable. We’re born like we are for a purpose. Diversity

But this…rant against his ex-girlfriend? I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but it is hateful. And ugly. And the ravings of a unhinged man. I agree with this lady. He needs help and a date with some thorazine. He is not well in the head and could hurt the woman he is angry with. He is a sick, hurtful individual. (Who hates Jews, Blacks and white women that dress provocatively, asking for a pack of …[derogatory word for brothas] to chase after her.)

Not a good guy. Or a sane one.

Goodbye Mel. Enjoy your retirement in some mental health facility.

Too Awesome For Mere Words…

“I hurt myself today to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real.”

There are occasions, rarer now than they used to be, when I am so numb inside that I do “pick at emotional scabs”. To be honest, there is a large part of me that is scared to be happy and content. I guess it’s the old pull the blanket out from under me magic trick that I’m really afraid of.

A happy life is what scares me. Yes, the ghosts of doubt are stirring up trouble. I guess I’ll just have hire a ghostbuster and zap the doubt into a box, the contents of said box to be transferred to a secured vault. No? It’s not that easy? Why the hell not?

Because life and the problems therein aren’t supposed to be easily solved.

The Bella From Hella

I really don’t understand why the Twilight saga is the epitome of what love is to so many young women…and their moms for that matter. It’s pure and utter bullshit. You’d think that older women would have the maturity and/or mental acuity to see that obsession is different than love. (Much, much different.)

Edward is a fucking crazy creep, Jacob is probably the character I like most, but Bella..she gives anyone with an ounce of estrogen a bad name. She’s nothing but a spineless, wet noodle that bitches about her life and how horrible it is. She is a pretty useless bitch of a character.

Now, I don’t mind bitchy female characters. Scarlett O’Hara is a good example. She’s not a pleasant character, but she is plenty interesting. She has something called: a strong will–a quality that Bella will never have.. Sure, Scarlett does lots of underhanded deeds, but..I find the character as a whole refreshing and different from the normal female in literature.

Have a bitchy lead character, but be interesting about it. Give the character good qualities, don’t just have the character be wimpy and a pushover…give the character something that readers can glom onto.

Anita Blake used to be excellent until she started needing sex to live every other chapter in her newer books. *Insert rolling eyes here* Her series used to be so so good, and now it’s pretty crappy.

(But if you do want to read Anita Blake, I recommend stopping at Obsidian Butterfly–the last great Blake book.)

What I’ve Been Up To

Yeah, yeah, yeah. As much as I liked the Punisher theme, it laid the hurt on my eyeballs. Sort of fitting, in a way, but as someone emailed me, it was a bit too much.

I’ve recently inherited a guild on WoW–a large one–and that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Spending a lot of time with those members and making fairly solid internet friendships–to be distinguished from real ones. I like being in charge of a mature group of individuals that can pretty much take care of themselves….but aren’t afraid to ask for help. Of course, I help when I can.

My life is going smoothly, my love life is on cruise control–at 15 m.p.h. My diabetes is ..ehhh…there. I do alright as long as I take my meds–WHICH I have been doing. Please, god, let the scientists find a cure using stem cell research soon.

Peace out!

Oh, and bathing cats is neither fun or easy. Learn from my fail.