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An Old Poem

Time is ephemeral
Fleeting at best
Slipping through fingers
That wrinkle with Age

Live life to the fullest
Smile as wisdom flows
Through your veins
The best is yet to come

Fretting about things not done
Is futile and self defeating
Take cheer in accomplishments
And learn from failures that hurt

–Written by Me

(I wrote that about four years ago.  Been a little too occupied to come up with original content, but I’ll try to come up a little something new tomorrow.  Operative word: try.)


Quick Post

When I need the creative juices to get going, whether it be writing for an RPG or my own more intimate stuff, I find it handy to turn on the tunes. My personal musical tastes are pretty diverse, actually. I do like SOME rap (as long as its about something more than smackin up some booty aka toot it and boot it. Eminem is great. He tells a story through his rap, even if it isn’t a particularly NICE’s pretty interesting), I like metal/alternative music more, but when I need something more mellow, I pop in some Sarah McLachlin in my computer.

However, when I find it hard to locate that nasty demon known to all writers as…motivation…putting in the correct music seems to enable me to channel that particular character easier. It just greases the wheel of my creativity.

When I sit down to do something with Frank Castle, for example, Disturbed’s Indestructible works wonders. Or Five Finger Death Punch’s version of Bad Company. That’s a definite Frank tune. And I happen to really like that song. I need to get it for my Ipod. 😀

Rogue? Southern rock like Lynyrd Skynrd does the trick. Tom Petty, too. I know he isn’t strictly Southern rock, but he is influenced by it, I can hear it in the chords and riffs he uses in his guitar work.

Music inspires me, what can I say? Now, time to put in some Weird Al and make some people laugh!

Soul Fade

I can feel you slipping away
Perhaps I need to let
you go today
Things aren’t how they used to be
I think letting you go is
the best for me

The sun is shining on
my face
In my heart is your
I will never forget what you meant
to me
But it’s time for me to
finally be free

When times were
dark and I was alone
You let me know
I had nothing to atone
night has passed and the day is here
strong is something I no
longer fear


Yeah, I have this (my case isn’t as extreme as others, but I DO have it)and I’m trying really hard not to give in to those urges, even as I’m plucking out a stray hair that needs to go because its very existence bugs me.   I tell my self not to do it, but …I just do.  Trichotillomania sucks and I’m continuing to battle it by myself as I can’t afford to see a psychatrist. 

It’s pretty much constrained to my eyelashes and scalp.  I don’t do my eyebrows as much. I used to yank them all out. Compulsively.  But I’m doing better.  I’m a strong person, really. 

My therapy consists of keeping my hands busy as much (writing or video gaming or texting) as possible and avoiding negative family members as that puts a lot of stress on me.

(Reason number 11,858 why I am doomed for spinsterhood.)

Unhappy Meals

Please people. Please stop having the government think for you. Like banning Happy Meals because they entice kids to eat craptacularily horrific food. That’s such utter b.s. What happened to parenting? What happened to common sense? Where are our brains? I know it is hard, but start exercising those few brain cells that haven’t been tainted by the sight of Snooki, or the latest pop culture phenomenon. Yes, I am ashamed that I have heard of the orange troll, though I’ve not seen the show. Thank god.

I’m starting to lose track of my original thought and diverge onto other topics. This is the land of Freedom. Well, it used to be. I’m beginning to doubt it. It seems to be shifting into the Land of the Stoopid. Believe me, we do not want bureaucratic idiots making most of the big decisions regarding our life.

Here’s a few things I want people to do right now:

  • Stop buying crap for your kids if you don’t want them to get tubby.
  • Take accountability for your own damn actions and stop foisting it off onto a corporation.
  • STOP whining!

I am now off my soapbox and off to have some fun.

No. Oh Hell No.

I don’t want to drink anything from this.   I find this mug highly offensive and hilarious!  *snicker*.

(More original content…tomorrow!)

Thou Shalt Not Gloat

For it doth annoyeth me.

Gloating is one of the many, many irritating qualities that mankind possesses. It is one of my many, many pet peeves. (Yes, I have a lot. People just tick me off on a regular basis because of a) thoughtlessness b) outright selfishness or c) not raised right.) Gloating is unattractive and speaks ill of your character. Gloating to me means that you are reveling in the misfortune or defeat of another. It is not precisely ethically wrong, but it is wrong on a personal, I-want-you-to-leave-me-the-heck-alone. It really is a major turn off for me.

That’s why it irks me to no end when people whoop and holler when their politicial adversaries falter and fall. It isn’t just the gloating (whenever I write that word, I see Rush Limbaugh’s fat bloated face in my mind.)–it is the disturbing notion that they are celebrating the downfall of people that are working for us and doing what they see is in our best interest.

Let’s face it: if our leaders do not succeed in turning our country around, we will all pay the price. So instead of glorying at humbling them, why don’t we try working with them? Why don’t we roll up our own sleeves and get to work? Instead of munching on our chemical laden snack treats and letting pop culture shows like Entertainment Tonight rot our brains and take away our determination.

Why all the Jean Grey Hating?

Yeah, Jean Grey seems to either inspire fanatical loathing or fanatical fan worship. Me, I appreciate Jean Grey and detest that she’s been tossed in a fridge so much. (Follow link for explanation.)

Jean was created in a comic book era where women were either angelic, sickly sweet or pure evil like Jezebel. So I think that’s where a good deal of where her annoying ‘saintliness’ stems from. She was written by men who did not know how to portray a decent woman, other than the idealized version that has never existed–except in their delusional fantasies.

It is very, very hard for female characters to break out of that mold once they are established. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one character who has and that’s Lois Lane. Thank god, because she used to be Superman’s super stalker. Now, she’s a strong, fairly competent female archetype.

Claremont made her less sacchariny during the Dark Phoenix Saga. He made her strong, powerful and…ok…he also made her crazy. But…Jean, for the first time, showed growth and an interesting character. He made her awesome, instead of a weakling. He let her use her power, instead of hiding it away behind insecurity.

There’s the fact that Jean, unfortunately, has been defined by her romantic interests. Whether it be her unconsummated love for Logan, or the yawn inducing romance involving Cyclops,

(Also, deciding which sites to remove from my links. Or add. So if you want either to stay or be added, let me know in the comments. )