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People Are People

Bi-yatch, please. Just because someone has an Muslim sounding name, doesn’t follow suit that he is, in fact, a Muslim. Americans, I swear, are getting stupider by the day. Wait, I’ll elaborate on that a little later in my essay/blog post.

Our President goes to a Christian church, talks more or less openly about his faith (not that it is any of our business what he believes in) and observes the Christian holidays.

He would NOT be able to do that if he were, indeed, a follower of Islam. That faith believes very strongly against apostates. There is no way he could lead a double life, religion wise. Ever hear of the phrase: Cannot serve two masters? That’s applicable here.

Whatever is causing this irrational fear that our Pres may not be a Christian, I say, suck it up. This country was founded on religious freedom. No, that doesn’t mean just you can choose which demonination of Christianity you can go to. It means complete freedom of choice, whether it be Wicca or Buddism or having the lack of religion in your life at all.

(Of course, I also believe you have the right to believe what you want to. Just don’t interfere in my right to refuse to be pestered. That’s a right, too.)

So, even if Obama WERE a Muslim, he’d have the right to be so under our Constitution.

I’ve got a theory that fear over the economy and the potential loss of our way of life, is leaking over onto other issues. Such as demonizing the Islam faith, seeing it as a terrorist religion. Fear turns people into cattle. Dumb, panicky, running on the plains of Texas like a bunch of dangerously horned idiots, cattle.

Fear is turning us on each other. It’s up to us to stop it, if we even can.


Went out to dinner

It’s good to live and just take in a small part of the juicyness of life. It’s nice to get out and let someone cook and otherwise pamper you. It doesn’t happen very often for me, as I tend to shy away from making new friends. I shouldn’t be such a mega wuss, I know.

Yeah, I went out for dinner. I was actually invited out to dinner by my roomie’s mom. I so loved not having to cook or do dishes, grateful for the chance to leave the house. It was nice of her to pay for MY dinner. (She knows we’re poor. We have ten bucks to spend on groceries for this week.) Of course, it helped that she had a gift certificate. But still, it’s the thought that counts in this instance.

Small things restore one’s soul and piece of mind, even help to maintain some faith in humanity. Tonight helped. The roomie’s mom has been more like a real mom to me than my father’s wife.

I feel relaxed and calm.

Friday Fun

X-Chicks Unite!

The Zoo

I’m not sure how many of you read this anymore, but I’ll go ahead and post this for the three of you that I know still do take the time to give my blog some love.

This is my favorite picture that I took:

Yeah,  I know.  Pretty cool.     This is me versus the bears:

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Posting Will Be Irregular

I have some issues in real life that I got to take care of:  Mainly the problem with my step-mother.  And her spending the emergency money in the bank account, so that when the mortgage check comes in, it bounces and gets everyone in trouble.  Yeah.  I’m still not pleased about that.  Manuel, it isn’t right.  And my soda-pop (aka Dad) agrees with me on this case.  Needless to say, it’s causing problems between them…and yeah.  It’s a lovely mess. 

I can’t stay here for another 13 years. I have a man back on the east coast.  He can’t move out here, and I want to get out of this place anyhow.  I haven’t told her that he is a brotha.  She wouldn’t be pleased.  It’s not that I care, at this point.  But it’s none of her business who I date or love.  (Dad knows, and although he isn’t happy about it, he’s supportive.  Step-Mom would NOT be supportive.)

Sooo. I will honestly post as often as I can.  Just expect short, ranting bursts.

I Can’t Disrespect

No matter how much I may want to…. I can’t disrespect my step-mother.

Parents refi’d the house trailer without telling me to lower the payment. Wait…another gripe first. Our original agreement was to pay a flat amount and anything left over would be kept to repair the trailer. Or to help out if we couldn’t pay a month. Reasonable, right? And we paid faithfully.

We should have had well over $2000 dollars in the account–an account that we couldn’t access. We had to pay another bill and thought the house could wait another two weeks.

Meeeh.. Wrong.

Apparently Mom has been pocketing the money and didn’t give us a buffer. Now, if Mom needed some money, I wouldn’t have minded her getting some out. But seriously? Two THOUSAND dollars? Money I could use to…oh….Maybe get my electrical wiring checked out? Roof fixed, floor under toilet repaired.

Here’s where I’m really angry…The trailer was supposed to have been paid off in 2013. Because of the refi, it is now 2023. And MOM got the money from the refi AND all the extra I have been paying into the account, which was supposed to be used for repairs and emergencies.   I don’t mind if she needed the money, but she should have communicated that with me.  It kind of makes me angry.


I know. I need out. All the signs are there. Just need some more courage and help on the other side of the country…

C’mon. Tell me that this thought…

didn’t cross your mind when you first saw the image?    Ok, ok.  So I got bored.  😀  Hope everyone had a good weekend!