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Replay Buffet: Girl vs. Boy World

(Originally published a few years ago, but good enough for my new readers to enjoy.)

Girl: Oh my gosh. We had such a good date! I clicked with him instantly. He said he’d call. (Squeal of glee.)

Guy: She seems like a cool chick. I’ll probably call her in a few days.

Girl: I wonder why he hasn’t called yet. It’s been 3 hours. Does he have a girlfriend? Did he lie to me just to get to first base?

Guy: Time to have some brewskies with my bros!

Girl: It’s been 24 hours. He doesn’t like me! Did I just imagine our chemistry? Did he meet someone better?

Guy: (Groans) I had way too many beers…..

Girl: Maybe I should call Sheryl…she knows everything about men.

Guy: Hmm. I think I’ll call that girl tomorrow. Maybe we can go hang out at a bar or see a movie.

Girl: (Sniffs) There must be something wrong with me! It’s been three days and no phone call.

(Phone rings)

Guy: Hey, wanna go see a movie? Or get a beer at the Pirates’ Cove?

Girl: Sure! (Secretly harboring resentment at him not calling earlier.)

That conversation is a generalization, I know, but I did it to illustrate the social differences between gals and fellas. I’ll start with the ladies.

First of all, *most* women like to know where they stand with potential mates, we need to know whether or not he is going to be worth the investment in time. Women, at least the ones I know and that includes me, tend to be VERY territorial, especially around their male friends, even if they are in a relationship.That’s a very primal part of us. It also drives us to looking good, always perfecting what we have in order to attract a mate.

The beginning of a possibly romantic friendship is always fraught with danger; a lady can easily scare away a good partner. Neediness isn’t attractive to a man and most men see that behavior as “needy”. Yet, I think most women aren’t needy. As I’ve said before, women just like to know where they stand. We internalize too much; In short, we over analyze every little detail to death. We see actions, or lack thereof, as rejection far too often.

I’m guilty of that and of being needy as well. I’ve scared off many a person with being intense—I’ve always wanted to be loved so badly and I know I’m not the only woman like that. I’ve always believed men are by far the gentler sex. I prefer their, “take things as they come” outlook on life.

It would be a nice way to live…if I could calm the thoughts that pop up to disturb that mental tranquility. I’ve noticed a lot of guys saying, “I’ll call you.” and never call back. That is exceptionally frustrating to women. I realize that guys don’t really want to hurt women, but being tactfully honest is a better way to go. If a woman isn’t a guy’s particular cup of tea, do NOT say, I’ll call you. Just say, “Let’s be friends and see where it goes.”

“I’ll call you”, generates interest and hope that this first date could turn into something special. I believe society places too much emphasis is put on finding that “someone”. Sure, relationships are good. If they happen organically. So…ladies, take life and love easy. Don’t worry if he neglects calling you. It wasn’t meant to be. Guys, man up and gently guide her thinking into that of becoming friends, if you find you are unattracted to her. Don’t promise to call then disappear.

As for me, I’m happily dating. Perhaps even engaged, but I am certainly off the market. Thank goodness.


Site Views…

They have certainly gone up…most of the time, I was lucky to get twenty…but now?  It’s gone to 70 and up to 90.  Wish I knew what I did, and I‘m not objecting.  Maybe it was the pictures of Battery Russell?  Maybe I should put more pictures up in general?

Or talk more comics?

Hmmm.  What to do, what to do.

I certainly do like the fact more people are reading my blog.  That’s what bloggers do; churn out mini essays for the world to read and quite possibly reject.  My greatest online fear is to have my blog ridiculed with harsh and bitter words on other blogs.  There’s one thing that I feel I do great and that is writing.  The crafting of words in the forge that is my mind.  I’m in love with wordplay.

Sometimes, though, I lose my way.  It’s so easy to start off with good intentions…then fall flat on the floor of laziness.  Usually compounded with the loss of imagination, and mired in the pool of self pity.  I’m sure you’ve got the point by now.

Well, I’d like to leave you all with an invitation to comment.  I don’t bite and I am generally quite nice.  So feel free!

Meh. Another day, Another post

I have been so apathetic lately. Troubles at home, but mostly abroad, have just sapped every ounce of creativity out of me. I rise, only to work, exercise, laze about on WoW, hope people get on YIM to talk, hope there are messages in Marvel Uncensored (my sole RPG) to respond to, then wander off to sleep.

It’s a sad, pathetic little life with not much in the way of mental or social stimulation.  Or inspiration.  I’ve even neglected my little Punisher website that could.  But now that I’ve found that some people are responding to it, it makes me feel better.  Makes me feel like there is something good to be found.

What has happened in Japan is just too much for me to take in because if I did, I’d probably cry for a day.  I feel numb.  I’ll process the tradegy soon, but later.  After the shock has worn off.  It is just too horrible for me to spend too much time on.  Too much suffering for me to imagine.  Not only from the earthquake itself, but by the subsequent horrors of the tsunami and the nuclear plants being damaged.

Just. Too. Much.

I pray in my own way that as many people as possible are safe and united with their families, and that help brings them food and warmth.  I pray that the people of Japan know that the hearts of good people are thinking about them.

Band Days

I vaguely remember my high school years..well, I remember them pretty well actually. I have an excellent memory when it suits me.  And as of this moment, it suits me like a wetsuit, which, if I actually wore one, would show off my walrus-like physicque.

Anyone that knows me, KNOWS how painfully shy I am.  A good part of it is due to high school.  I was shy for a damned good reason;  to keep myself off the radar of bullies.  Again, anyone who was my friend in high school knows that I was a popular target.  I could never conform to people’s expectations.  Nor did I want to. And to be honest, I had a dur face going on.  So I kept to myself and to a loyal table of misfits.  Dustin, Dave Connor–who helped me open my ketchup packets because I was a wuss–and a few others.  We were the misfits of high school, the ones that weren’t smart or pretty enough to fit in a particular cliche.  Pretty much, the lunch version of the Breakfast Club.

Only I was the fat, socially maladjusted one.  The person who made a pitiful attempt at fitting in every once in fall flat on my fanny.

Then there was Band.  The one area I did ok in,  other than English and Literature, although I could not read music worth a lick.  I had a good ear for it, and had nearly perfect pitch—but I had a peculiar inabilty to read the notes.  Still, I skipped out on the final exams where I had to play a solo in front of Mr. Band Teacher–I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to find the courage to reveal just how bad at interpreting .  But he passed me.  I got A’s throughout my time there.   Talk about getting a good grade that I really didn’t merit getting.  Maybe the teacher felt sorry for me.

I’ve got more stories to tell about band, but that will have to keep.  The Tylenol PM that I took is starting to do its thang and I am drifting off to slumber…

What sexy is and is NOT

This is NOT sexy. This is trashy.  I hear a lot of girls they proclaim that they want to be like this singer, Ke$sha, and it is scary.











Nicole Kidman is still pretty, but she has had work done.  She would be more beautiful if she let herself age naturally.










This is classy. And sexy.  Helen Mirren looks both elegant and natural.  I heart her and I want to be like her when I mature.

Just A Comics Post About My Fave Fashions

I adore Chris Sims, he’s a fantabolous writer, but he has some weird tastes and predilections. If you read any of his work for more than 3 minutes, you’ll know what I say isn’t hyperbole. It might be hypobole. *Did I just make up a word? Oh well, I’ll blame it on the copious amounts of caffeinated beverages that I imbibed today.

Wolverine does his best fashion sans a group issued uniform. I like him in a tank, jeans and maybe a leather jacket. The way I imagine all Marvel’s bad asses (except Frank) to dress.

The 80’s, and I say this as one of the oldest members of the group, were not a time of high fashion. I remember wearing rainbow colored high tops to school–how I loved those shoes. Unfortunately, I could imagine Kitty in them too. It wasn’t a good fashion time. For anyone. Particularly comic characters. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of the black leotard, green bodice thingie look that sported Rogue for awhile. (Nor am I a fan of big hair). I prefer the green and white outfit that Rogue is wearing on the home page of the group. Practical and it protects everyone from an accidental touch.

I really like Jean’s Black Queen outfit and prefer the original version of Emma’s costume. It has not been lost on me that the more virtuous a female character becomes in Marvel, the more clothes they have on. It makes me roll my eyes and want more skin to be shown. I don’t like the unspoken theory that only bad women flaunt what they got.

Asian Psylocke is the best version…other than the numerous times she jumps into frays vagina first. Yeah, I know. I don’t mind nudity…and anyone that knows me understands that I lack the quality of prudishness, but…going into battle lady bits a-blazing does not seem a safe martial arts move. But maybe it’s the female equivalent of ….ahh…how to put this delicately?—when men engage in sword fighting? Who am I to judge?

All of Gambit’s outfits sucked ass. Pink? For a master thief? Gimme a break. I don’t like the one that Cyclops has…that goes over his head. Makes him look like a condom currently in use. Of course, I also think he’s a cheating prick, (argue with me on that point at your own risk.) so that could have something to do my view.

Storm’s black swimsuit outfit “suited” her. One of my favorites. Jean’s Dark Phoenix attire is my absolute favorite. It’s iconic, instantly recognizable. Black Cat has some cute duds. (Completely random moment: I wonder what would happen if she and the Black Panther got together? Black Kittens?)

Fool Me Once, I’ll Kick YO Butt

Yesterday, I went to a meeting regarding a business opportunity. I was pretty much dragged to it by politeness–my aunt had asked me to attend. Yeah,yeah, I sort of don’t like the relatives…a pack of hyenas are probably more loyal than my family. And more dysfunctional than my beloved Simpsons. But..said aunt was being friendly, and I didn’t have anything better to do…so…

I thought, Why not? It might be an actual business opportunity or, at the very worst, blog fodder. I guess you know how it turned up since I’m blogging about it. Although, I will not *publicly* name the company.

There was a creepy vibe to the whole meeting. The moderators of the live infomercial were trying too hard to “care” about us, they were trying too hard to convince that this was a good system to earn a little bit of money with the modest investment of $500. Really? Hmmm. Plus, they were trying to get us to buy their wares. It felt a little like a cult. A cult that worships ‘money’ making potential, a business venture worth buying.

Uh huh. I wasn’t buying.

My survival instincts were raised by their friendliness–I know that sounds paranoid, but they didn’t know me that well to be so warm and welcoming Unless, of course, they wanted to sell me something. I hate being sold on a product. I prefer to make up my own mind.

The fact that they wanted us to sign up and plunk down five hundred big ones then and there was another red flag to me and I politely declined. I hope no one, other than my aunt who bought into the system before I could say anything, spent their money foolishly. Sorry, it ain’t so easy to fool me anymore.

Eulogy for Mel Gibson’s Career

I used to like Mel and his acting–used to think he was a good actor and all around good guy. I loved Mad Max. I loved the Thunderdome. Braveheart was a good movie. And who doesn’t appreciate the Lethal Weapon movies?

I put him into my dislike pile of celebrities when he got pulled over and made an anti-Semitic remark. Those kind of things don’t sit well with me. Sorry, unreasonable hatred …that I can and will not tolerate. Especially over little things…like race..that are unchangable. We’re born like we are for a purpose. Diversity

But this…rant against his ex-girlfriend? I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but it is hateful. And ugly. And the ravings of a unhinged man. I agree with this lady. He needs help and a date with some thorazine. He is not well in the head and could hurt the woman he is angry with. He is a sick, hurtful individual. (Who hates Jews, Blacks and white women that dress provocatively, asking for a pack of …[derogatory word for brothas] to chase after her.)

Not a good guy. Or a sane one.

Goodbye Mel. Enjoy your retirement in some mental health facility.

Long Time No See

Yeah, it’s time to post. Time to bump the other posts down and time to move forward.

Ugh. I need to decide, and make a plan about what do with my blog. Structured posts–that’s what I need. I need topics. Such as comic books graphic novels. I need goals, and due to my RPG group taking up most of my writing time, I should focus what’s left of it into topics that I can think about and plop up here.


Look for more posts that give you a better idea of my interests and passions. And less of the same old crap.

I will never quit trying to write for this place. It’s mine and I have a certain attachment to it.

 Now, I will leave you with a positive video. Men, take note. And love big ladies.

Been Busy

Parents are fighting. I hope, this sounds horrible, that they get divorced. Dad deserves better. Mom deserves to live with her brother.

Sorry. It’s harsh. It makes me sound like an ungrateful bitch to the woman who raised me, but she’s not a nice woman. She’s mean and heartless and downright cruel. Sure, she tries to be Christianly, but it’s phoney, she does it for the hope of salvation and not for just doing something decent.

It’s nothing but an act.

Dad wants the house, but Mom has been quoted as saying, “I’d rather burn down the house than let you have it.”

I MAY be a bitch, but in a good, stand up for myself and my friends way. She’s a mean, cold-hearted bitch.

So…if my parents get divorced, I will be singing a song of joy. Free at last. My dad will be free at last.