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People Are People

Bi-yatch, please. Just because someone has an Muslim sounding name, doesn’t follow suit that he is, in fact, a Muslim. Americans, I swear, are getting stupider by the day. Wait, I’ll elaborate on that a little later in my essay/blog post.

Our President goes to a Christian church, talks more or less openly about his faith (not that it is any of our business what he believes in) and observes the Christian holidays.

He would NOT be able to do that if he were, indeed, a follower of Islam. That faith believes very strongly against apostates. There is no way he could lead a double life, religion wise. Ever hear of the phrase: Cannot serve two masters? That’s applicable here.

Whatever is causing this irrational fear that our Pres may not be a Christian, I say, suck it up. This country was founded on religious freedom. No, that doesn’t mean just you can choose which demonination of Christianity you can go to. It means complete freedom of choice, whether it be Wicca or Buddism or having the lack of religion in your life at all.

(Of course, I also believe you have the right to believe what you want to. Just don’t interfere in my right to refuse to be pestered. That’s a right, too.)

So, even if Obama WERE a Muslim, he’d have the right to be so under our Constitution.

I’ve got a theory that fear over the economy and the potential loss of our way of life, is leaking over onto other issues. Such as demonizing the Islam faith, seeing it as a terrorist religion. Fear turns people into cattle. Dumb, panicky, running on the plains of Texas like a bunch of dangerously horned idiots, cattle.

Fear is turning us on each other. It’s up to us to stop it, if we even can.


Posting again. Wow!

First, the abomination that is Frankencastle. I know there’s a few people that seem to like that…that…. Punisher wanna be, (I’m looking at Chris Sims from the ISB here) but the book doth bloweth and bloweth hard.

Judging from how I have my blog set up, you may assume that I like the character. And yes, I gave it a chance. Still, it bloweth and it’s disappointing that ol’ Frank has been hacked and slashed…reduced to a joke of himself. The concept would have been fine as a four parter, but not as a main comic book line.

This blog’s writer, that would be me, takes sociopathic vigilantes very seriously.

Probably too seriously, but hey, it’s all good when he punches zoo animals in the snout.  This is what he should look like:

Now…Marvel is about to continue the supernatural trend with vampires. I know. They done did that with Drac-baby in the late 70’s…So why do it now? Marvel has done vampires to (un)death—they don’t need to do it.


Oh. That’s right. Twilight. The vamps have a resurgence in popularity! Especially among girls and ..emo dudes. I don’t know about you, but I am blaming Stephanie Meyer!

Yay. Holiday Cheer. Get me a Beer.

My best friend in the world had an asthma attack at her mother’s house on Christmas. Severe enough for them to call the paramedics and have them drive her to the hospital. If she had the attack alone, it probably would have killed her.

She’s been there since Friday. It’s Saturday now. I HOPE that she’ll be out tomorrow, but I am not sure. [UPDATE: She sounds much better and probably will be out of the infirmary of the health impaired tomorrow. ‘Bout damn time, I say.]

I found out a couple of hours after I wrote the note below. *sigh*

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

Chimps Scare Me

I hope everyone has heard about the “pet” chimpanzee going crazy and attacking his owner’s friend. A shame. A real shame for everyone concerned, especially the mauled human and the dead animal.

Chimpanzees are evil. Seriously, they creep me out. They share many of the same behavioral tendencies of homo sapiens, really, and people tend to creep me out too. I’ve watched far too many nature documentaries of chimps forming what could basically be called a gang and then warring against other chimps for territories and mates. Those critters are quite savage and not cute or cuddly. ( I do like gorillas, though. They’re dangerous too, but less …less spasmodic bbout it. Hey, I never claimed I was consistent,) I don’t want chimps dead, mind, they have their place in this world. Which is far away from me.

I would never ever have one as a pet. They aren’t “pets”, they are animals, like we are. (Got a few words for you, if you don’t believe we’re animals, you haven’t seen people at a buffet place. Or a clearance sale. Eeesh.)

Let It Snow

It is snowing so hard up here in ….where I live. We’ve actually been snowed in and told to stay home. It’s so bad even churches have been closed. We have at least seven inches of snow. At LEAST.


Thank goodness that I am vacation this week. I plan on staying home. But my parents (I know. They drive me crazy but I miss ’em.) probably won’t make it down for Christmas.


No Christmas for me. But it will be white around here for awhile.

And I promise I’ll put more…though provoking posts on here. I’ve just felt kind of brain-dead as of late.

Over Eater Non-Anonymous

One of the toughest issues I need to overcome is the desire to overeat–especially the dreaded “j” food—the destroyer of every well intentioned diet. I nibble on stuff that isn’t what I’d call good for me, my junk food of choice is mostly chocolate, and justify it by saying, “Oh, it’s only a couple of Hershey’s Kisses. It won’t hurt if I have only three or four or five…right?”

The answer to that is, “Wrong! Suck it up, admit a temporary defeat and move on.” I refuse to beat myself over a set back. Believe me, I’ve done enough beating myself up for a life time.

For the majority of my personal daily cuisine, I do make healthier choices now, incorporating more lean meats and veggies to my meals. But there is just something so …incredibly comforting about junk food. I don’t know why, but I feel “safe” when I eat alot–I especially relish the tastiness of Swiss Cake Rolls. Yummy. Read the rest of this entry

Bimbo Bubbles–or…To See How Many Weird People I Can Attract Because of the Title.

I don’t believe in role models–well, let me qualify that. I don’t believe in making role models out of people that I have never met personally. However, I do believe it is ok to adopt a certain action—like compassion for the unfortunate—from someone like Gandhi. But I wouldn’t base my whole life just from some of his words I happened to read on paper. Note on Gandhi: I will say that there are worse people to look up to. If you want to make him your role model, go right on ahead. I won’t complain.

I prefer real life role models because I have a better chance to fully draw upon their experience, rather than try to absorb it secondhand. And I’m better able to sort out what is applicable to my life.

That said, it baffles me why people put pretty celebrities that are all sparkle and no substance on pedestals–then moan and groan when the fallen “idol” doesn’t live up to the idolees’ moral standard. (As if anyone can live up to the scrutiny of millions of prying and adoring eyes. The thought of being observed like that makes me squirm. But that naggling little feeling may be my social anxiety disorder acting up.) Humans will be human and there’s always a little flaw that shouldn’t be emulated. Especially those people in the “entertainment” industry.

Why bother to imitate them? Because they’re pretty? Because they can sing and/or entertain? Parents whine about celebs like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton being poor role models. Well, it’s not really their job to BE role models. They are (marginally defined at best) entertainers. Anyone that aspires to be a beach bottle blonde with big boobs and only a few brain cells–possibly due to the bleach–should really ask themselves if they deserve more.

Our society needs more people to act like Gandhi and less like a Bimbo Bubble, or Macho McCool.

We are Family

Family, true family, is who you choose to let into your life. True family shouldn’t be about a matter of blood or words on a page. You should feel people are members of your family in your heart. I can barely stand the people who share the same genetic code with me, but I consider my roomie as my sister.

I can’t have children. Which is fine as I don’t really want children, not the way the country is going. (And according to some Mayan prophesies, 2/3rd of the population will be dead after 2012 anyway—not that I believe in the prophesies…) But if I did want rug rats, and I guess I might if I met the right person, I think I would adopt. 

It wouldn’t make me love or defend the child any less.  If I were a mother, I would be a very, very devoted mother. I’d take motherhood seriously. It would still be MY child, my heart, something for me to share my life with and someone that I can teach and see develop into an amazing person. 

I hurt inside when someone says, “I won’t be able to love any child not of my own flesh.”(This isn’t dedicated to anyone that reads this blog.) Really, that is an arrogant statement. What of those children that don’t have dedicated and loving parents? What of the abandoned ones that are shuffled off from foster home to foster home?

I say love them. Find one and show them the true meaning of love and family. Teach them to trust and to live and to love openly without fear of being hurt or mistreated.  Most of the world’s minor problems (which, all together add up to be a major one!) stem from the lack of love in children’s’ lives.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings by this post. I don’t want to be seen as cruel or unfeeling. I merely wish to say there is always a way to have a family, even if it is slightly nontraditional.  Don’t give up.  There really are children that need you.


Busy, busy, busy….

I’ve been so fricking busy lately, (I even cut down on my WoW time) that I haven’t been able to bother with a proper post.

I will leave you with a thought that I believe to be true.  It’s a comment I left on another blog…one that I happen to disagree with, but this comment is still post-worthy.

I’ve found that in the long run, hate is often more destructive to the person experiencing it, than to the object of the emotion.–Me

I have to go to work for a few hours today (double OT) then I’m off to go see Iron Man.




Gout and about

I have …gout. It is currently plaguing my big toe—and I cannot describe how godawful the pain is. Try imagining a fiery spike of pain going up your leg every time you move or even gently touch it. Walking is damn near impossible; it is a debilitating pain. I give it 9 and a half points out of ten on the pain scale.

Gout, if you don’t know, is a kind of arthritis brought on by a whole bunch of different reasons.

Being obese is one of them. Eating the wrong kinds of food for a long time can bring it on too. I’m guilty of both of those biological causes; I did it to myself. Lucky me. Here I am LOSING weight and it [the gout] suddenly strikes me. I guess I didn’t lose the weight fast enough. 😦

Gout never really goes away. I guess it goes into remission, depending on a number of factors. And chances for another bout of gout are good…

The worse thing is knowing that I did it to myself.