Scream 4

This isn’t a bad movie.  Not the most resounding endorsement, I know, but it is a good, solid movie with believable characters and a fairly coherent plot.  Well, for a horror movie.  Plus, the beginning sequence was just awesome.  You’ll need to have a decent attention span to not get lost, but it is GREAT.

It got me thinking as to what makes a horror movie good:

A social message.  All the classic horror ones do.  Friday the 13th advocated no sex or drugs, for example.

Interesting characters (so you care if something happens to them, makes the movie more powerful).

A genuine scary ass villain.

It’s interesting to see Sidney finally be her own person, this generation’s Laurie Stroud.  She’s not paranoid, like Laurie, but she’s a strong character nevertheless.  My favorite characters are Dewey and Gale Riley.  They seem like such an odd, but good couple.  And even though they may be separated in real life, there is an obvious amount of affection between them.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the movie.  There was gore, there were a few chills (I’m pretty desensitized to it now) and  just a well made film for its kind.


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  1. This was my favorite since the first one. But based on box office, it will also be the last one for a while unless they do a total remake or decide to continue with DTV sequels.

  2. Yeah, which is too bad, because it was a good movie. Maybe people weren’t in the mood for horror? Or maybe it was not the right time of year for it?

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