Ten Things You May Not Know about Me

1) My tongue can touch the tip of my nose.  Gross, but true.

2) I think men are a lot easier to be around.  I like chilling with men more than ladies.

3) My favorite toys have always been more masculine in nature:  i.e my beloved Evil Knievel motorcycle and my Knight Rider car.  I had to BEG for that one.  I’m pretty sure that    they thought I was rather odd.  They liked to foist Barbies off on me.

4)  I have about 800 books.  I know! I have a lot.

5)  I didn’t get into comic books until 1993, and for a long time, the only ones I read were X-Men.

6)  One time at band camp… no! I didn’t do *that*, but I was always too shy to do the band finals which consisted of performing a piece of music in front of our instructor.  Yet, I got A’s anyway.

7)  I know that Grease is THE teen musical.  The High School  Musical one is just a poor knockoff.

8)  I get vertigo when I’m looking down a medium to long flight of stairs.

9)  I pity my crazy half-sister.

10)   If I had any superpower, it’d be shape shifting…so I wouldn’t be pleasantly plump.


Posted on April 11, 2011, in Blogging. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. My parents always tried to give me barbies too… I could never figure it out! 😉

  2. X-Men – Yeah! Grease – Booooooo!!!

  3. Re #1… Ever thought of a career in a Kiss tribute band?

    Re #10. As long as you are not like poor Meatwad, and able to turn only into an igloo, a hot dog, or sometimes Abe Lincoln.

  4. Lol @ number one. Not reall.

    RE #10 Noooo. I’d be more slender and pleasing to the eye.

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