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My family used to take camping trips as vacation. They weren’t too bad, except that I had no particular fondness for sleeping in my very own pup tent. I’m not very fond of the hard ground or the sounds I heard at night. I have quite the imagination and I know my brain has tried to kill me before.

Anyhoo…This story is not about my brain deciding it’d be better off without me… It’s about my favorite road trip. The trip to see my dad’s relatives in the Mid-West from Oregon through Idaho and Montana to North and South Dakota then on the way back, hitting Yellowstone. To learn the history of my relatives. They were and are farmers. Most of them have a deep affinity for the land they work. Respect farmers; they truly do work hard and people don’t give them enough credit.

My dad regaled me with tales of his favorite uncle who loved horses and rode them til the day he died. He said I reminded him of his uncle in that I love horses as much as his uncle did. He told me about his other uncle who died in Pearl Harbor and took me to his empty grave to tell me about him.

I don’t remember things in order…it’s been a long time and I neglected to jot things down. Forgive me if I ramble. Mount Rushmore was awesome. Deadwood (Yes, that Deadwood) was neat. I liked the Devil’s Tower and the Badlands were gorgeous. I got to see where Custer met his demise. Yellowstone rocked. Some things were boring and I choose not to remember them.

I got to ride horses quite a bit. Ok, twice. But still….I loved riding my loaned horse and seeing nothing but wide expanse of field while the wind stole my cowgirl hat. I felt a connection with the land and the simple folk–my folk–while I was there.

I love South Dakota.

All of my distant relatives had a hospitality and a politeness unknown in these parts. They were all really nice and pretty sharp in wit.

I think that’s where I started liking country (and) Southern people. A longing for the simple life that I got to experience for such a short time.


I’m feeling better. I think for the most part I was just hurt and it bothered me. Really bothered me.

Writing this story helped to keep my mind busy. I’m sitting here with a smile on my face as I remember bits of that journey. It was truly a memorable part of my childhood.


Moron of the Week

I don’t know if you have all heard the story of Bethany Storro, otherwise known as the woman who, as it turned out, tossed acid in her OWN face. After she claimed a crazy black woman committed the deed–hmm. Why not claim a crazy white lady? Believe me, there are plenty of those running around….even in my own neighborhood. (Not me, though.)

She gave herself an acid facial because she wanted to a) off herself or b) get plastic surgery. I’m not buying the pathetic excuses she’s peddling. There are more effective ways to commit suicide than acid.

No. The lady wanted attention. This act was a cry for help–a rather poor one, but a cry nonetheless.

Oh, she got attention. Got it in the form of monetary donations. Until, that is, she was uncovered for the medically imbalanced liar she now is known to be. And, as soon as she is out of the hospital, law enforcement plans to arrest her on fraud.

Good for them, but I also hope the court makes her get the professional assistance she needs.

Just A Comics Post About My Fave Fashions

I adore Chris Sims, he’s a fantabolous writer, but he has some weird tastes and predilections. If you read any of his work for more than 3 minutes, you’ll know what I say isn’t hyperbole. It might be hypobole. *Did I just make up a word? Oh well, I’ll blame it on the copious amounts of caffeinated beverages that I imbibed today.

Wolverine does his best fashion sans a group issued uniform. I like him in a tank, jeans and maybe a leather jacket. The way I imagine all Marvel’s bad asses (except Frank) to dress.

The 80’s, and I say this as one of the oldest members of the group, were not a time of high fashion. I remember wearing rainbow colored high tops to school–how I loved those shoes. Unfortunately, I could imagine Kitty in them too. It wasn’t a good fashion time. For anyone. Particularly comic characters. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of the black leotard, green bodice thingie look that sported Rogue for awhile. (Nor am I a fan of big hair). I prefer the green and white outfit that Rogue is wearing on the home page of the group. Practical and it protects everyone from an accidental touch.

I really like Jean’s Black Queen outfit and prefer the original version of Emma’s costume. It has not been lost on me that the more virtuous a female character becomes in Marvel, the more clothes they have on. It makes me roll my eyes and want more skin to be shown. I don’t like the unspoken theory that only bad women flaunt what they got.

Asian Psylocke is the best version…other than the numerous times she jumps into frays vagina first. Yeah, I know. I don’t mind nudity…and anyone that knows me understands that I lack the quality of prudishness, but…going into battle lady bits a-blazing does not seem a safe martial arts move. But maybe it’s the female equivalent of ….ahh…how to put this delicately?—when men engage in sword fighting? Who am I to judge?

All of Gambit’s outfits sucked ass. Pink? For a master thief? Gimme a break. I don’t like the one that Cyclops has…that goes over his head. Makes him look like a condom currently in use. Of course, I also think he’s a cheating prick, (argue with me on that point at your own risk.) so that could have something to do my view.

Storm’s black swimsuit outfit “suited” her. One of my favorites. Jean’s Dark Phoenix attire is my absolute favorite. It’s iconic, instantly recognizable. Black Cat has some cute duds. (Completely random moment: I wonder what would happen if she and the Black Panther got together? Black Kittens?)

Oldie But a Goldie

(Recycled post.  I’m still alive but not up to writing original content at the moment.  Busy with personal writing.)

I have nothing against the ‘no ruler’ anarchists…and I’ve thought long and hard over someone’s suggestion that the President’s role be eliminated. I’m respectfully disagreeing with that possible solution.

I just see problems with people governing people. Logically speaking, a group of people could run the government without aid of a president. But then, people are rarely logical being influenced by things like corruption or emotion. In any sort of equation, you should factor in those two unknowns.

You also may have a bickering problem between political parties. Or if a particular party should have a majority in the ‘Council’…. Issues that shouldn’t take very long to resolve would take an eternity. It would be a disaster because potentially the ‘Council’ could get nothing done. Look at Congress. They don’t seem to get anything accomplished other than harass broadcasters by tacking an indecency fine bill onto a ‘Let’s give our troops more money’ bill.

Our founding fathers, far ahead of their time, set up the checks and balances system for a reason. Despite what I feel about our current President, there should still BE a President.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

  • A shifting away from politicial parties.
  • The realization that we have to save ourselves and that one man can not save our booties.

With all that said, I am firmly convinced that robots need to be our overlords.  At least they’ll be perfectly logical. Until their motherboard short circuits.

Great Comic Book Villain Quotes

(Taken from both page and movie)

I got bored, and there is only so much of my life that I can stand, so I decided just to have fun today. Negativity begets negativity, and the same goes for the reverse. I want a little more positivity in my life. 

1) Am I always to be plagued by that accursed quartet?–Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four Villain.

2) Kneel before Zod!–General Zod.

3) Why so serious?– Joker

4) “For this new sensation,
the rapture of destruction
For the pleasure of the Phoenix
the unbound joy of evil.”

Jean Grey – Dark Phoenix –

5) “Never trust a beautiful woman, especcially one that is interested in you” (Magneto, X2)

Yakkity Sax Makes EVERYTHING Better