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WoW—or I ain’t got Nuthing






Pretty Fly For A Draenei


This is my Draenei shaman, Cerunna.  I’m actually liking her.  She’s not as wimpy as a priest, and packs a punch.

Since I’ve Been Gone

It feels like forever since I’ve posted. Been busy. Here are the reasons:

1) WoW has eaten up a lot of my computer time. Just kicked a dragon’s (Keristrasza) booty last weekend. THAT was fun. My group died like 4 times before we brought that monster down.

I Did It!

I Did It!

2) I am enjoying writing the character Frank Castle–I also write for Rogue–in an RPG. Don’t worry. He hasn’t gone emo and still destroys crap. Yes, women CAN write a good vigilante given enough caffeine and NIN. I portray more in Ennis style…but I show a bit more emotion. (Not too much. I don’t want my version to go the Jane route!) I would imagine his fictional (thank god) lifestyle is very self-destructive, very isolating.



3) In addition to writing for the group, I’m also working on two different projects. One is a story about a woman unable to cope with the disappearance of her husband…she refused to believe he is actually dead because the body hasn’t been discovered. I’m still slaving away on my undead cowboy who kills evil bad dudes project, but it is at a standstill right now. That’s a damn shame. I think I’m too afraid of offending people.  I need to get over that, especially if I’m going to continue to write vigilantes….I am sensing a theme here….

WoW—Epic Death

Jurassic Park is scary in the dark!

Jurassic Park is scary in the dark!

I took that screenshot just before my character became a Scooby snack for the Devilsaur.  It truly was an epic death.


I’m one of the nine million people who play World of Warcraft. I like it. I have friends on it. In fact, I’m the guild leader of one of the best guilds on my particular server. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. A comparable metaphor would be; being a guild master is a lot like herding cats. I find that I don’t mind. I like participating in this little cyber society and I like making new friends.

That said, I think I need to scale back on the amount of time spent on the game. Today: seven hours. Yesterday, about the same. Yeah. That’s a lot of time–because it takes so much time to do anything in the game. It’s really hard to leave the good friends that I’ve made. We even have a program that permits us to talk to each other. That’s always good for a laugh or two.

Ugh. Digital addiction is tough to beat.